Usher Rotation

Current Usher Rotation

Joe Dunaway & Travis Ayers February 16 March 29 May 10
Gregory Poore & Todd Neighbors February 23 April 5 May 17
Rick Britton & Travis Ayers March 1April 12 May 24June 7
Joe Dunaway & Todd Neighbors March 8 April 19 May 31 June 14
Gregory Poore & Travis Ayers March 15 April 26 June 21
Rick Britton & Todd Neighbors March 22 May 3 June 28

If you will not be available for a Sunday on which you are scheduled, please contact Chip Mitchell or one of the other people on this list and ask them to take your place for that Sunday. Thank you!

Please contact Todd Neighbors if you have questions of would like to sign up for the rotation.

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