Deacons at Providence Baptist Church

Cason Burnham
John Dillard
Todd Neighbors
Jerico Vaquez

The Council of Deacons shall be comprised of the sum total of individuals designated as
deacons at Providence Baptist Church.  Deacons may be appointed after being nominated by the Elder and Deacon Councils to the church members and approved by the congregation by a two-thirds majority vote. Deacon qualification shall be examined by the Council of Elders as stated in I Timothy 3:8-13. The term of service shall be for life.
An unordained man must have been a member for at least 1 year prior to ordination as a

Deacons shall:
(A) At all times remember that they are elected servants of the church and shall always
perform their duties faithfully with this in mind.
(B) Be the preservers of unity. They are to be zealous to guard the unity of the spirit within the church in the bonds of peace (Acts 6:1-7)
(C) Serve as a council of advice for the Council of Elders in all matters pertaining to the
practical welfare and work of the church. Any change as to policies and plans of the
church shall be presented to the Council of Deacons for approval before being
presented to the church membership to check the practical feasibility of any plans or
changes. With the Council of Elders, they are to consider and formulate plans for the
constant effort and progress of the church in all things practical pertaining to the saving
of souls, the development of Christians, and the extension and growth of the kingdom
of God.
(D) Establish and maintain fraternal relations with all the members of the church.
(E) As the whole body of deacons, be organized as a unit and meet regularly as desired by the Council of Deacons. They may organize themselves into such committees as their
wisdom may direct for efficiency in service.
(F) Individually, be able to freely confer with the Council of Elders about all matters in
which, in his judgment, would be most wisely and spiritually handled in private.
(G) Elect from among themselves a chairman who also serve as CEO of the corporation.