Council of Elders

Hunter Bradley – Overseer of Discipleship and Education
Byron Moss – Overseer of Worship and Prayer
Brent Wells – Overseer of Preaching and Shepherding

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Role of Elders

(A) The elders shall preach the Gospel regularly and shall be at liberty to preach the whole counsel of the Word of God as the Lord leads them. They shall act as moderators at any church meetings that may be called for the transaction of church matters, supervise the teaching ministries of the church, and tenderly watch over the spiritual interests of the membership.
(B) The Council of Elders shall be comprised of the sum total of individuals designated as Elders at Providence Baptist Church and shall promote the spiritual welfare of the
church, conduct the religious services, and oversee all other work of the church.
(C) They shall preserve and defend sound biblical doctrine.
(D) They shall make provision for the observance of the ordinances of the church.
(E) They shall, if requested, consider applications for church membership and make
recommendations for membership to the church membership.
(F) They shall, in cooperation with the church staff, disburse the benevolence fund. They shall engage in visitation and all other evangelistic efforts of the church.
(G) They shall provide the pulpit supply and choose a moderator for church meetings if an Elder is unavailable. Outside help may be called upon to assist.
(H) Elders are not to serve in any other office of the church